Client Testimonials

“Thank you, PALS, for taking such good care of mom over the past couple of years. The ladies that came to the house were always kind and caring, and we appreciate their help and thoughtfulness. As I hope you know, we are especially fond of Karen, as she was so good to mom who really came to depend on her. Thank you for all your support and flexibility with scheduling. Mom was able to stay in her own home longer because of you.”  – With great appreciation, The Spear Family

“Your organization is wonderful. My sister and I feel completely at ease knowing our mom is so well cared for.”

“The services you have provided are way above and beyond what we expected. It’s obvious that Mom’s PALS truly care for her.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you girls.” 

“Having you here is just like having my own daughter with me.”

“Your cooking is as good as what I used to cook.”

“Thank you for being such a careful driver.”

“I enjoy the time you spend filing and polishing my nails.”

“I can’t remember your name, so I will call you my Pearl.”

“You are always so bright and sunny. Thank you.”

“The support and love you have given my mother is so much appreciated.”

Employee Testimonials

“I really enjoy my work with clients because they appreciate all that I do for them. The thank you’s mean so much. I feel good that I am helping someone who needs it and gratefully accepts it.”
       – T.C., PAL, 5 years

“My PALS and I have a special bond because they know I love and care about them as someone important.  I am the relative without issues, the friend lost to death, the connection to the present, the encourager who still believes they have something to say and contribute.  I don’t do anything special except make them feel special, and I get so much more than I could ever give to the relationship.  I love being a PAL!”  
       – Marilyn, PAL, 4 years

“The people I have cared for have taught me patience, persistence, presentation, and personal space. Patience is easy for me as I grew up in a hard-working farm family. Persistence is mostly about not giving up; knowing that the end result may just take a little longer. A very fine southern gentleman taught me about presentation. He told me that the manner in which a meal was presented and how it looked on the plate, was as important as how it tasted. This attitude carried over into all aspects of life and care-giving. Personal space is a biggie, both theirs and mine. This includes knowing that when someone is angry, it is more often about their situation and not about me.
      Thank you to all the families who have allowed me into the lives of their loved ones.”         – JoAn, PAL, 7 years