Cold Weather Tips to Help Seniors Stay Warm

Maine’s cold winter weather is of special concern when your elderly loved one lives alone during the bitter cold winter months. These cold weather tips will help ensure your loved one manages the cold properly. 

(I found particularly interesting the fact that certain medications prevent the body from regulating temperatures normally.)

Cold Stress (Hypothermia)

Much like high blood pressure, hypothermia can be called a "silent killer" in the sense that many of its victims are not aware of the threat. In the case of hypothermia, elderly persons may not be aware they are becoming cold as readily as younger people, and their bodies may not adjust to changes in temperature.

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Alzheimer’s and Repetitive Behaviors. Tips for Responding.

Working with elderly who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, we often find they frequently repeat words, statements, questions and/or actions. Perhaps this repetitive behavior is triggered by anxiety, fear of the environment, or when trying to achieve comfort, security or familiarity. Whatever the reason, how we respond to the repetitive behavior is important in order to monitor their comfort and meet their needs.

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Help Your Loved One Live Independently

Expert advice for discussing the Value of In-home Care with Your Elderly Parents. By doing a little research, enlisting the support of others, and incorporating the idea slowly into a conversation, your elderly parents just might welcome the assistance they need from a home health care professional to remain independent and comfortable at home.

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